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Monthly Archives: June 2017

How to get better at using Instagram

Love everything about photography? If so, you probably have Instagram on your phone just like the 200 million people who also access the app on a monthly basis.

If you are already a heavy user, you may be dismayed by the intense noise to signal ratio, as the amount of pictures uploaded daily is hard to conceptualize in any meaningful way.

Don’t let the foreboding odds dismay you, as there are always ways to get better at using Instagram. There are plenty of mediocre channels, a fact that you can use to your advantage if you have the fighting spirit to make your account better than it currently is.

Before you go ahead and buy Instagram likes (which can be a worthwhile strategy if you buy them at the right time for the right reasons), take a look at the tips we have for you below.

If you execute them with vigour, you might yet become the influencer you always dreamed of being.

Let’s get into them below…

1) Focus on one topic only

The approach many people take to Instagram is the same they employ when they upload photos to Facebook or Flickr. It’s just a giant photo album to them. If you are looking to build an audience, this won’t do.

If you want to attract more than your loved ones to your profile, select a niche, take all photos viewed through that lens, and work hard on a daily basis.

Eventually, people will pick up on your message and they will follow you, like all your posts, and share your channel with their friends.

Hash tags can help you do this, as this tool helps draw people from beyond your family & friends into the fold, as they see that you have an interest in common with them, and they think your photos are brilliant.

2) Post (almost) every day

Want a following that is committed to you? If so, you need to be committed to them. This means finding ways to upload content almost every day. It’s tough, but the best find a way to get it done.

This advice will help you immeasurably in the early going, as nobody will have a clue who you are. Once you become a regular on your favored Instagram hash tag, you will start getting more likes, more follows, and people will start viewing you as an authority.

3) Edit the heck out of your pics

Don’t listen to the Homers of the world, who think that a badly lit shot is superior to a tastefully edited picture taken by a Millennial (obviously).

Anyone who knows anything about photography knows that most raw JPG files need improvement at best, and are puke-worthy at worst; don’t let people convince you editing is evil.

Don’t upload snaps right after you take them, take a few moments to sharpen it up a bit and apply a few filters.

The extra bit of attention paid to your pics help get you far more engagement than those who take the concept of #nofilter too far.